Got a burning question about our motorcycle tours? Here are some


  • How about Riding gear and Communication Systems ?

    • Please bring your own riding gear with you; jacket, trousers, boots, gloves, rain gear.
    • If you require communication systems (Intercom) please bring it or purchase one locally.
  • How about Helmets and that pesky insurance ?

    Explorify provides standard half shell helmets at no charge. If you require a newer helmet, ¾ helmet, or full-face helmet, please arrange to purchase one locally or bring it with you (pre-order is possible).

    Note: Please note that insurance requires that you wear a helmet for all riding during the whole tour.

  • How about cold weather gear ?

    • Weather Jacket – we recommend a “layering’ system”; base layer shirt, wind jacket & cold weather jacket
    • Wool or Capilene (synthetic) thermal underwear – we highly recommend the “layering system”
    • Cold weather – wind proof / waterproof pants, riding boots, socks, and gloves
  • How about wet weather gear ?

    • We recommend a wool or Capilene (synthetic) “layering system” that allows you to add/remove garments
    • We recommend long-sleeve white t-shirts and some type of face-covering (i.e. bandana) for desert crossings.
    • Swim trunks, shower sandals, long sleeve, and short sleeve shirts, warm weather shorts
  • What should I use daily ?

    • Personal Hygiene articles (toothbrush/toothpaste, comb/hairbrush, razor, tweezers, deodorant)
    • Earplugs, Sunglasses/Eye Protection, Sunscreen (recommend 35SPF or greater)
    • Eye protection/clear glasses for evening riding or cloudy days
    • Wool or Capilene socks, underwear, gloves
    • Neck scarf for protection from neck sunburn (recommend silk or wool for cold weather, cotton for hot)
  • How about RX Medications

    • Daily prescriptions Note: Please advise Tour Leader and your emergency contacts of any precautions or medical conditions before and during the ride.
    • Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, eye drops, allergy medication
  • How about emergency information

    Please advise the Tour Leader and your emergency contacts of any special emergency steps or protocols before and during the ride if necessary. Please fill out the Emergency Contact form and give it to the tour leader.

  • How about communication gear & credit cards ?

    • Bring your Phone and/or Laptop/USB Drive
    • Bring your camera with extra batteries, an International charger (120volts), and storage cards
    • Bring 2 Credit Cards
  • How about upgrades?

    LDW Zero

    All tour packages with a rental vehicle included have LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) included. However, you can upgrade to LDW Zero (+$10 per day) which completely covers damage and partially covers theft. Renter pays $0 USD per damage occurrence and up to $1,000 USD per theft occurrence. Please reference our Terms & Conditions for more details.


    Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) provides supplemental third-party liability insurance at limits in excess of state-required minimum financial responsibility limits. We offer an SLI $300,000 Upgrade Coverage (+$20 per day).